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Hiego soft ice cream machine

March 28, 2023
Our ice cream machine can work under below conditions:

Ambient temperature: 5~38°C

mixture temperature: 2~35°C
Power: 200~230V/50±1HZ (standard model), customized model e.g. 110V/60Hz, or 220V/60Hz, please
follow other instruction.
* The above conditions can directly affect performance and capacity.
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Installation & Cautions:
Please strictly follow the instruction on the yellow sticker.
※ Do not directly connect the machine to electricity generator.
※ Do not directly connect the machine to battery.
※ Put the machine still for 24 hours after transportation before using it.
※ Power wire should not exceed 10m.
※ Always use both cylinders at the same time.
※ Ice cream mixture should be in accordance with appropriate formula.
※ Always use the machine in stable voltage.


1. Place the machine on an even plain ground, and lock the brakes.
2. Make sure the machine is in good ventilation, avoid heat sources or sunlight. Air outlets of the machine should be at least 1m away from walls or any other barriers, other sides should be at least 0.3m away from any barrier.
3. Avoid dust.
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A.Wash Cylinder
Please wash the cylinder once a day to improve the serve life of the machine and also to ensure food safety
for customers.
1. Press “WASH”, to beat out all the mixture from the cylinder, then press “STOP”
2. Dissolve proper amount of disinfectant in warm water, pour it inside the hopper.
3. Press “WASH” to beat for 5 minutes, then drain it.
4. Pour in clear water, to wash 3-5 times, then stop the machine.
5. Turn off the machine, and disassemble all other components
Please disassemble and wash the components according the following steps if the machine has stopped serving for a long time.
a. Unscrew all 4 bolts from the discharge door, unload the discharge door, then disassemble all components from the discharge door.
b. Take off the pin, handles, valve stems and silicone O-ring
c. Take our the beater, disassemble the silicone seal from the beater end
d. Wash the components thoroughly and replace the broken ones.
e. Assemble back all the components. (apply some lubricant to the valve stem for easier assembling the Orings and the valve stem back to discharge door )
Notice: the ring on the middle stem is H shape, while the side stems are all O shape.
B.Wash the machine shell
Please use a wet cloth to wipe the case only, avoid pouring water directly on control board or the inside, or
else can result in malfunction.
C.Clean the condenser
After serving for a certain period of time, dust will cover the condenser and affect refrigeration(symptom: Ice
cream hardness decreases in the same running time), please wash it at least once in 3 months.(or once a
month in a worse condition). Make sure the machine is disconnected to electricity before washing, and avoid
damaging the fins inside the condenser. Hiring a professional cleaner is recommended.
D. Adjust belt
After serving for a long time, the belt can be stretched, if adjustment is needed, please hire a professional
technician. Make sure the power is off and belt tightness is appropriate.
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1. Please disconnect power before installing or wiring, always follow the circuit diagram, and make sure the power supply is in accordance with that on the nameplate.
2. Please hire a professional electrical technician for wiring.
3. Make sure all terminals are firmly connected to connectors.
4. Keep hands,fluid or any foreign objects off the PCB, and at least 6mm away from the panels, or else may result in short-circuit and fire.
5. In the case of fuse blew, please check and remove the faults first, then replace it with one of the same specification(250V 1A)
6. In the case of replacing speed sensor, please make sure the parameter of which is DC12V NPN, Hall Proximity Switch sensor.
7. After replacing motor or any speed relevant components, please run a rotation speed detection.
The above mentioned are common malfunctions. If a more complex problem occurs, please hire a professional technician